When is the next book out?

Tom’s books are published in a bajillion countries around the world and he doesn’t pay his web guy enough to keep track of all the publishing dates. If the information is not displayed on this site then it’s quickest just to ask your best friend Google.

What is the order of the Victor novels?

The Hunter aka The Killer, The Enemy, The Game, Better Off Dead aka No Tomorrow, The Darkest Day, and A Time to Die (coming 2016).

Do I have to read the books in order?

Nope, they were written to stand on their own two feet.

Where does Bad Luck in Berlin fit in?

It’s set just before The Enemy. And no, Tom didn’t just cut off the start and sell it separately. Although, that is a good idea and he wishes he had thought of it and saved himself a months’ work.

Will it ever be published in print?

Not on it’s own, but maybe one day as part of a collection of short stories.

So, they’ll be others?

Yes, but don’t ask when. Tom hasn’t written them yet.

I read The Killer and loved it so I bought The Hunter. They’re the same book! Why did Tom trick us like a dastardly cad?

He didn’t. He doesn’t publish his books; he just writes them. But he has different publishers in different countries and they don’t always like the title he comes up with (actually, they NEVER do – Tom) and so sometimes they change the title to better suit their own market. This has always happened in publishing, but now we’re in the internet age and sites are naughty and sell multiple editions of the same book. Tom hates that people get caught out by this but there really isn’t anything he can do about it.

How does Tom know so much about killing people?

He was raised by ninjas.

Will Tom read my book, short story, poem or other musings?

Alas no, as advised by his blood-sucking lawyer, in case you decide to sue him for also writing a story about a man who did a thing in a place.

Why hasn’t Tom replied to my email?

He’s almost certainly too busy writing the next book but will when he has time, or you didn’t enter your email address correctly and Tom’s lengthy and heartfelt reply has been bounced back, leaving him in a volatile rage. Alternatively, you hated one of his books and being a lovely human being thought Tom should know, so he’s opted to ignore you while he takes a bath in champagne and contemplates whether to buy that new yacht.

I have a very particular set of skills… Would Tom be interested in my expertise?

You bet he would. Ping him an email.

There’s a book titled The Killer by someone named Tom Hinshelwood. That wouldn’t happen to be…?

You’ve cracked the code. Well done. Tom was originally published with his very own long and unwieldy surname. Then the slick guys in sharp suits decided Wood was a whole lot catchier and his true identity was lost. He’s kind of like Victor in that regard.

How can I acquire a signed book?

Tom rarely ventures out of his cave, which is generally best for humanity as a whole, but he’s working on some kind of system where you can order one from a local bookshop. No, he won’t send you one himself (would you rather him writing or queuing in the post office?).

[SPOILER!] I didn’t understand the end of Better Off Dead aka No Tomorrow. What happened?

The prologue section of the novel is actually set AFTER the rest of the story, not before, which is why the events of the prologue are never referred to subsequently, and explains why the limp Victor is suffering from is not mentioned again until he is injured by the mercenaries towards the end. The prologue is even titled A Price Worth Paying, which is significant as on the last page Linnekin, after hiring the team, says, ‘Let’s see if the price of crossing me was worth it.’ It wasn’t Tom’s intent to confuse, and he apologies for being too clever for his own good.

[SPOILER!] Did Raven die, and if not, will she return?

If she died, then no, but if she lived, then most certainly.