Better Off Dead (Victor 4)

Victor, a hitman without a conscience protects a human rights lawyer in Better Off Dead, he bestselling BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Book Club pick.

A hitman must be anonymous, amoral… and alone

Victor is the face in the crowd you don’t see, a perfect assassin with nothing to live for.

But when an old friend turns to him for help, he finds he can’t refuse. For once his objective isn’t to kill, but to protect.

Hunted through the streets of London by ruthless enemies, Victor needs to be more than just a bodyguard… but his every move leads danger closer to the very person he’s vowed to defend.

First published in 2014


Non-stop chasing and killing, but with flashes of melancholy and regret (The Times)

A fast mov­ing stomach-flipping slay ride about one of the coolest killers in the thriller business (Peterborough Evening News)

Electrifyingly violent and exciting (Irish Independent)

Hooking me in from the very first page, author Tom Wood has crafted a novel with terrific pace, a contemporary, gritty feel and, rather unexpected for a novel whose protagonist is an assassin, a real depth of heart (Steph Broadribb Crime Thriller Girl)

 “Fans of Lee Child and Vince Flynn will not want to miss The Enemy….an exceedingly smart thriller.”—Mark Greaney, national bestselling author of Dead Eye

“If there’s anything Tom Wood knows, it’s creating scenes that crackle with suspense, fascination and copious action….he creates the kind of taut drama that makes the pages fly…. You’re going to enjoy this top-notch killer drama.”—Critical Mystery Tour

“[A] fascinating antihero.”—Library Journal

“A fast-paced, explosive novel filled with tons of gunfights, fistfights, car chases,
and action….Any Bond, Bourne, or Reacher fan will enjoy reading No Tomorrow.”—Open Book Society


  • ISBN-10:0751549193
  • ISBN-13:978-0751549195









  • ISBN-10:0451469658
  • ISBN-13:978-0451469656

The US edition is titled NO TOMORROW





  • ISBN-10:0751549193
  • ISBN-13:978-0751549195