The Darkest Day

One night. One target. A city in chaos.

Thriller master Tom Wood crafts a non-stop, explosive thriller as ruthless hitman Victor hunts female assassin Raven through a blacked-out Manhattan.


He is darkness. She wants him dead.

In a city starved of light, she might just succeed.

She moves like a shadow; she kills silently: Raven. This elegant assassin has been on the run for years. This time though, she has picked the wrong target.

The hitman known only as ‘Victor’ is as paranoid as he is merciless, and is no stranger to being hunted. He tracks his would-be killer across the globe, aiming not only to neutralise the threat, but to discover who wants him dead. The trail leads to New York…

And then the lights go out.

Over twelve hours of unremitting darkness, Manhattan dissolves into chaos. Amid looting, conspiracy and blackout, Victor and Raven play a vicious game of cat and mouse that the city will never forget.

First publication 2015


Fists, feet and bullets fly in this fast-paced thriller from the dark side of international espionage as gun-for-hire Victor tries work out if he should trust Raven, an equally enigmatic assassin, or kill her. Great insights into the tradecraft and psychology of the professional hunter. (Sunday Times)

Fast paced, cinematic and violent (Sunday Mirror)

Reading a Wood thriller about enigmatic assassin-for-hire Victor is like a high-ve­locity ride on a bullet (Peterborough Telegraph)

The Darkest Day is a true thrill a minute, guns blazing, action packed novel (Open Book Society)

Victor is a fascinating character . . . brilliant (Crime Thriller Girl)

Expertly choreographed – few writers working in the genre at present can rival Wood’s fluency at creating action scenes (Shots)

[Victor] reminds me of Dexter – the serial killer who again by any societal moral standards everyone should hate and abhor, yet you simply had to love him (Mystery Sequels)

Fast paced… will keep you on the edge of your seats (Liz Mistry The Crimewarp)
If you love Lee Child and you’re looking for something new to keep you going, then Tom Wood is the man for you (Joan Mackenzie Joan’s Book Reviews)

“A truly great read featuring an unforgettable character…this is a thriller to the nth degree.”—Suspense Magazine


  • ISBN-10:0751556025
  • ISBN-13:978-0751556025



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  • ISBN-10:0751556025
  • ISBN-13:978-0751556025